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Dragi gospodine sudeci po slikama sta reci nego Dagi plus ('Dagi Plus')

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Заиста врхунска кафана, по свему! Конобари брзи, зезају Verige (Pothook)

Interesting facts

How Niš's Bohemian, Avda Zekić, Saved Tito

How Niš's Bohemian, Avda Zekić, Saved Tito

In the city where Bata Živojinovič, Boris Dvornik, Radmila Savićević, Đorđe Vukotić and many others studied acting or tried very hard to become highly accomplished on the stage of Niš's National Theatre (Mira Stupica, Padmila Savićević, Eugen Veber who was also the manager of the...


When Cafes Were Nowhere in Sight

In the 19th century, Kragujevac's kafanas were meeting places of social life where theatre plays were played, newspapers started, literary circles formed and people politically agitated. Old kafanas, their names to be more precise, are a special landmark in space, but also in time and history...


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Obilić (neobradjena_kafana)

 Обилићев венац 46, Nis
 +381 18 511 122

Kazandžijsko sokače (Coppersmith's Alley) (neobradjena_kafana)

 , Nis

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Etno koliba ('Ethno Cabin')

kafana Etno koliba ('Ethno Cabin')

One more pearl hiding in Pantelej; somehow, at the middle of the way leading from kafana Orač (in English, it means a plowman) to the Church of St. Pantelejmon, kafana Etno koliba ('Ethno Cabin') is situated in one of the rear streets. It doesn't exist many significant years, but with its service it has already gain respect of the lovers of this institution. About 12 years ago, some other kafana existed at this location- Etno Esnaf (in English, 'Ethno Guild'), but with changing its owner it...

 Дубровачка 1, Nis
 +381 18 42 13 662; +381 65 416 44 22

Kod Šipe-Kamenički vis (At Šipa's-Kamenički vis Resort)

kafana Kod Šipe-Kamenički vis (At Šipa's-Kamenički vis Resort)

Not far from Niš, in the direction of the Kamenica village and the Monument on Čegar Hill, 12 km away from Niš dowtown, Kamenički vis Resort is situated. Once a great place for a vacation and relaxation for the people of Niš, today - a bit neglected place. However, it still has that 'something' which adorns this natural idyll -  what else but a kafana and what a kafana it is... the only one in the city and its vicinity which offers venison specialties. The...

 Каменички вис, Nis
 +381 18 652 111, +381 63 855 61 41

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Mali podrum (English explanation or translation: Small Basement) (neobradjena_kafana)

kafana Mali podrum (English explanation or translation: Small Basement)

 Стевана Немање 14, Nis
 +381 18 267 560

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